Saturday, February 14, 2009

Really?!? Digital Conversion?

Really?!? U.S. Government, you're really going to force us all to use a new technology? Really?!? It's great that you send us the $40 gift card, but that doesn't do a whole lot of good when the cheapest converter box is $49.99. I mean really: is this supposed to stimulate the economy? You spend over 700 BILLION dollars and then have each one of us pay for news coverage of it? And do I really need five weather stations? I know how to open a door and look outside. Really?!?

And Best Buy. Really, can you stick to your name? You need to take my $9.99 plus tax? Really?That was your cheapest one?!? The government helps keep your stock up with these gift cards, but you still need my money?!? Really?!?

And really, Congress. Do you have to give us a countdown for months in advance only to change it last minute?!? Really?!? Try that in December in Times Square: five...four...three..two...Just Kidding! Let's start the year in four months so we're all prepared for it. I mean, really?!?